Tra vent' anni sarete più delusi per le cose che non avete fatto che per quelle che avete fatto. Quindi mollate le cime. Allontanatevi dal porto sicuro. Prendete con le vostre vele i venti. Esplorate. Sognate. Scoprite.
Mark Twain

10 ottobre 2012

Unemployee of the year

Dopo tanto tempo di ozio virtuale, e tanto lavoro reale, torno sul mio spazio pubblicando un progetto di un'amica, si chiama Liliana, e dopo circa sette mesi trascorsi a São Paulo ritorna in Italia con nuove esperienze, idee e proposte.
La passione per il design ci accomuna, per cui ci è voluto un attimo per coinvolgermi.
Di seguito trovate un riassunto del suo progetto, e se lo vorrete potrete aiutarla e votarla al seguente link:

I have lived in Italy for 23 years. And in Brazil for less than one.
Italy is now facing many problems, economically, and not only. Still, I believe that it has a lot to share. I am not speaking about museums, art and tourist cities; not only at least. It’s what we have inside our eyes, and our hands. What is frequently called ‘ingegno italico’, that comes from our peculiar history: conquered by the most different cultures: Frankish, Germanic , Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, Ottoman empires. We have been adapting throughout the ages to all the kinds of cultures, building an ability to listen, and to dialogue. Our food, fashion, art, design, architecture is a result of a melting pot, concept born before the word itself.

When I think about Italy, I think about design, as a way of thinking. It sticks to real problems, not to fashion, reaching thousands of normal people. Design is not the shape of a object, but the process that starts from a need of the human body. That’s what happened with the wheel, the bicycles... and Nutella as well.
When I think about Brazil, far from stereotypes, I have in mind a place that is violently gigantic and hugely violent. Brazil is still a violent country. Not so much because of the physical violence between people - that is underground, and often only imagined. The violence is inside the city, in the rhythms, in the faces you do not recognize, in the mixture of races that keeps you off, and makes a stranger of yourself. Brazil teaches you to take a step back: in order to survive, you must suspend your judgement.

My idea is to link Italy and Brazil, using the Italian Design to develop Brazilian capabilities in companies, factories, creative industries, communication. In order to give the intellectual tools to grow in a healthy and conscious way. Brazilian artisans can learn from Italian designers how to come to a project, and think about a solution.
I propose to create both a physical and an online platform where Italian 'know how' can meet Brazilian investors and enterprises that now have financial availability, but not soft skills yet.
Design workshops, meetings, fairs, magazines with journalists from both countries, University courses. Talking with the manufacturers, artisans, but also entrepreneurs, managers. Build a dialogue, with a bridge of culture. It’s contamination.
And this can be done exploiting channels that already exist: like Benetton ones, and many other Italian firms that are already selling in Brazil.

Design is in the chair you are sit, is the bedroom you are sleeping in, is the plate you are eating. No magic, only culture: people walking, eating, dreaming, fighting, loving for thousand years. This enabled to understand a process, to have a line of thinking in the way to proceed.
That's a way to develop a country: let her think, approaching problems in a creative and conscious way.

Idea is the biggest revolution, And once it’s there, it grows.

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